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Event Name: Art In Motion

Date : 15 & 16 December 2023

Venue: Multi-Purpose Hall

THEME: Day 1 - Waacking & Freestyle, Day 2 – Bachata & Salsa

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"Art In Motion" is a dynamic dance workshop organized by Club Hunar, the Dance club of SCMS-H. It employed a unique approach to teaching various dance styles, including Waacking & Freestyle as well as Bachata & Salsa. The workshop emphasizes the concept of peer learning, fostering a collaborative environment for participants to enhance their dance skills.

The workshop spanned over a couple of days, with each day dedicated to a specific dance style. Hunar Club members aced the role of instructors leading participants through intensive sessions, focusing on both basics and expressive choreographed pieces. The utilization of individual techniques and interdependency of participants were key features, allowing participants to learn from one another's experiences and styles.

Overall, the workshop aimed to honor the elegance and diversity of dance styles while uniting dance enthusiasts.

Different dance styles explored in parallel sessions, encouraging cross-genre collaboration and learning. Instructors presented original choreography showcasing creativity and teamwork.

The event constituted 20 participants from SCMS.

The dance workshop concluded with exhilarating and transformative days of dance exploration, collaboration, and celebration. As participants and instructors alike bid farewell, the echoes of rhythmic beats and the memories of shared movements will linger forever.

The workshop not only showcased the incredible talent and dedication of the participants but also highlighted the power of dance as a universal language that transcends cultural boundaries.

The impact extended beyond the dance floor, reaching into the hearts and minds of all those who took part. The workshop not only honed dance skills but also fostered a sense of belonging, united by a love for the art form.

As participants departed with newfound knowledge, skills, and friendships, the "Art in Motion" dance workshop became more than just an event; it became a chapter in the ongoing story of each dancer's artistic journey. The echoes of the music, the laughter shared, and the lessons learned would continue to resonate, inspiring future performances and collaborations in the ever-evolving world of dance.

At last, the vote of thanks was delivered by the Club head along with a quick photograph session to cherish the memories of this magnificent event.


Day 1- Waacking and Freestyle


Day 2 – Bachata and Salsa


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