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Dr. K. P. Venugopala Rao
Dr. K. P. Venugopala Rao

While pursuing professional education, especially during the formative phase of etching a career, every learner yearns for a serene environment blended with rich learning resources. Making it possible, Symbiosis International Deemed University, a leader in the education space, commenced Symbiosis Centre for Management Studies, an undergraduate Business School on a world-class campus in Hyderabad, far from the hustle and bustle of the city.

The global economies are on a roll with a positive outlook, and the pipeline is replete with opportunities for enterprising minds. The need of the hour is the penchant for innovation to provide solutions to new challenges; with India being home to 25% of the world's young population, the power to make it possible is right here.

SCMS Hyderabad has designed a Business Management program for undergraduates emphasising experiential learning to provide a fitting start for prospective decision makers in the VUCA world. A thorough understanding of the business environment provides rich dividends. Apart from the conventional courses offered, family business as a specialisation brings a fresh perspective to learners from business families, and it also encourages first-generation entrepreneurship. The experienced faculty and the practitioners during the coursework expose the learners to this through innovative pedagogy that includes case studies, simulation, cross-over learning, hands-on experience, and immersion. The Choice Based Credit system helps the learners cut across the disciplines to curate the program to cater to their learning needs and interest.

The student clubs facilitate applying theoretical knowledge while demonstrating much-needed skills like conflict resolution, negotiation, communication, etc., making the youngsters appreciate diverse thoughts and work in teams. The semester exchange program and the immersion programs with partner universities abroad add to the students' learning of culture and business practices across national borders.

I wish the youngsters excellent learning to lead successful global businesses as we advance.

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