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BBA (Marketing) is one of the most preferred specialisation among the management students. As the field of marketing is constantly evolving, BBA (Marketing) presents an exciting and challenging career option for such student. The introduction of technology in marketing has made the field a lot more interesting for the reach in the market has increased tremendously, providing innumerable opportunities for students who wish to take exploit their skills.

A student pursuing BBA (Marketing) gets an opportunity to learn about the building blocks of marketing as well as the diverse areas where marketing is applicable such as services marketing, international marketing, digital marketing, rural marketing, sustainable marketing, neuromarketing to name a few. The specialisation offers a comprehensive curriculum that covers various aspects of marketing and provides students with practical exposure to the industry. The course not only develops the theoretical knowledge of students but also enhances their practical skills, which are essential for success in the marketing industry.

The curriculum is designed to help students get exposure to the vast and challenging domain along with a thorough grasp of the theoretical and practical aspects of marketing. It comprises of a judicious blend of classroom teaching, practice, and experiential learning. Moreover, it aims to develop strong communication skills coupled with problem solving, creativity and people management skills.

On successful completion of BBA (Marketing) program a student can join an organization as a marketing/ sale/business development executive at an entry level position in numerous business sectors like FMCG, Retail, Hospitality, E-commerce, etc. and organizations. Overtime, good communication, creative and analytical skills can open the doors to a much more diverse and lucrative career in areas such as brand building, advertising, marketing research, sales, social media marketing, marketing analytics etc. Thus, the course offers a wide range of career opportunities that are both personally and professionally rewarding. BBA (Marketing) graduates can also opt for a master's program in various domains like marketing, advertising, public relations, digital marketing, etc. Pursuing higher education can help them gain more specialized knowledge and open up better career opportunities.

In conclusion, BBA (Marketing) is an excellent course for students who want to build a career in the field of marketing. It provides a solid foundation for students to start their career and offers numerous opportunities for growth and development in the industry.


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