Group 557




Event Name: Art Expedition

Date : 14th December 2023

Venue: Campus, SCMS-Hyderabad

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Objectives : This activity is conducted to bring out their imagination through art. This activity is a type of art therapy that aids in stress relief for students.

Outcome :

Brief Report :

This event was an outdoor art activity where the members of the art club- KALA were gathered near the lawn area. The participants were provided with respective art materials. (canvas, acrylic paints, drawing sheets, shading pencils and color pencils)

There were no restrictions when it came to expressing the creativity of the participants, which led to more imaginative art works. All participants relaxed in the outdoors and came up with variety of ideas. Art expedition gave a way for the members of the club to bond and have a fun outdoor time.


(Club Members enjoying the activity)


(Paintings of the participants)

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