Group 557

Finance Literacy




Date : 4th January 2024




Finance club of SCMS, Hyderabad organized Financial Literacy Test to evaluate students’ awareness on various basic finance topics. The activity commenced under the guidance of Dr. Disha Pathak (Finance Club In-Charge). Dr. Disha appreciated and encouraged to the participating students, setting a positive atmosphere for the test. The Financial Literacy Test featured a multiple-choice question (MCQ) format, comprising 35 questions.

(Dr. Disha Pathak guiding the students)

Participants were given a time frame of 30 minutes to complete the test, challenging them to think critically and demonstrate their understanding of various financial concepts. The student who scored the highest in the test was rewarded with prize money. This test served as a valuable platform for students to assess and strengthen their understanding of finance fundamentals. It is not only facilitated a supportive environment for students to evaluate their financial knowledge but also emphasized the importance of continuous learning in the field of finance.

In conclusion, the activity drew participation from 57 students of SCMS-H who showcased remarkable enthusiasm and a strong desire to enhance their financial knowledge. Dhruv Rohra secured the highest score on financial literacy scale based on the evaluation. Finance club looks forward to hosting more such contests in the future!

(Students writing the test)

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