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Event Name: Health Camp

Objectives : To provide villagers with free health check-up and awareness regarding their body.

Outcome : The ISR Club – Ikshana – of SCMS, along with Team Shakti of SIBM, successfully provided people of the village with the healthcare facility, which is every individual’s right. Working with people with experience from the real world definitely made the activity a huge success.

Brief Report :

The members of ISR Club – Ikshana – of SCMS, along with the team Shakti of SIBM, conducted the outreach activity – Health Camp on 20th August 2023.

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(Volunteers and the staffs for the medical health camp)

This was the first outbound activity for the ISR Club of SCMS which brought them immense experience and enhanced their learning. The activity was conducted at the Grampanchayat Office of the village Charlapatelgudam in the Rangareddy district. There were a total of 21 students, who volunteered for the activity and were provided with a bus facility and meals and refreshments. The ISR Club got a great opportunity to collaborate with Shakti. The foundation who set up the health camp were great mentors in terms of dividing work and making the learning experience great for everyone who volunteered from Symbiosis.

Art Swap Activity at SCMS Hyderabad

(Volunteers at the registration desk at the camp)

Two registrations desks were set up for male and female patients each. The volunteers at the desk did a great job by keeping the comfort of the patients in mind. A few of the volunteers were assigned the task of keeping the patients in a queue. This work enhanced the management skills of the assigned volunteers.

Art Swap Activity at SCMS Hyderabad

(Doctors at the camp attending the patients)

Then, there were other students who volunteered to guide the male and female patients separately to the doctors, the medicine outlet, and to the lab for the tests.

Art Swap Activity at SCMS Hyderabad

(Student volunteers helping with medicine distribution)

There were a separate set of volunteers along with the people from the foundation who took care of the medicine distribution. This provided each individual with ample amount of experience, patience, art of helping people and specifically, kindness, as the crowd grew and the diversity increased. There were about 180 patients which consisted of villagers from all age groups. This made many of the student volunteers to mingle and understand people from all ages and walks of life.

Art Swap Activity at SCMS Hyderabad

(Student Volunteer helping the patients for their tests)

Another great experience was for the non-Telugu speaking student volunteers, who learnt that communication goes way beyond than just words. A simple smile on the face says a lot.

Art Swap Activity at SCMS Hyderabad

(Felicitation ceremony for the doctors)

At last, the esteemed doctors were each given a token of appreciation by both SCMS and SIBM. It was a great learning experience for each and every one who did an amazing job in helping the people, which is the main intention of the club.

Art Swap Activity at SCMS Hyderabad

(SCMS student volunteers from IKSHANA)

Art Swap Activity at SCMS Hyderabad

(All the Volunteers for the Health Camp along with volunteers from the foundation)

Together with the people from the foundation, the student volunteers and the guiding faculties and staff from Symbiosis worked together to make a great activity happen.

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