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BBA Program profile at SCMS Hyderabad


SCMS Hyderabad offers four specialisations – Marketing, Finance, Entrepreneurship and Human Resource Management. From the 3rd semester and onwards the students will be studying some common courses as well as the courses of their chosen Specialisation. However, choosing a path that will lead into the future of their careers is difficult, especially when there are multiple choices. Hence, upon the request of the students and the approval of the management, orientations were held for each of the Specialisations offered.


On 21st April, 2023, the first of the four orientations was held. The guest speaker on this day was none other than Mr. Ajay Kulkarni, a force to be reckoned with in the marketing world. The anchor for the evening, Ruchirekha Das, introduced him to the audience with much flair.

According to Mr. Kulkarni, “Marketing is like the roar that keeps echoing long after it’s actually done.” His enthusiasm about his profession and the work he has accomplished in his 18+ years of career was pouring out of his every word and every gesture. Mr. Kulkarni loves what he does and he was very much interested in selling the idea of having a career like him to the students present; even the students were listening raptly. He talked about his experiences in his previous jobs, however he was most lively about his current position as the Co-CEO of The Go-To Guy. Partnered with two other people, sir works in a company which is the services arm of Disrupvation Digital Pvt. Ltd. in the business of providing brand and marketing service.

Thus, the orientation was a success and the students left the hall feeling much more confident in making their decision about their Specialisation.

BBA Program profile at SCMS Hyderabad


The very next day, on 22nd April 2023, was the orientation on Finance. Dhruv Rohra, the anchor for this evening, welcomed the day’s guest speaker and an expert in his field with over two decades worth of experience to SCMS with professionalism – Mr. Balaprakash.

BBA Program profile at SCMS Hyderabad

The students paid attention to the data-filled and straight points which sir laid out. He provided information on the skills he finds important to be great in finance field, and the interested students jotted it all down. Sir also discussed about the important subjects of curriculum and how those subjects would be helpful for different kind of roles in one’s career. Mr. Balaprakash made it easier for the interested students to settle on Finance as their chosen specialisation.

BBA Program profile at SCMS Hyderabad


On 26th April, 2023, the third orientation was held on Entrepreneurship. The guest of the day was a young and dynamic entrepreneur, Mr. Krishna Milan Rao. He has started his entrepreneurial journey with Empower Labs, India’s first gaming startup company focused on Augmented Reality.

This evening’s anchor was Ruchirekha Das and she welcomed the guest speaker, Mr. Rao, with utmost sincerity.

BBA Program profile at SCMS Hyderabad

Mr. Rao took the stage with a sort of genuineness that fascinated everyone present. Sir not only talked about all that he has achieved, but also what he has failed in doing – in fact, sir shared a few of his epiphanies that he had after making the mistakes. He explained that nowadays it is not uncommon to hear people in their early 20’s becoming multi-millionaires due their startups, and how harmful it is who are starving for success. He claims him being too young and inexperienced is what caused his first startup company, Empower Labs, to fail soon after its conception, and he hopes the students listening to him won’t make the same mistake as him. To drive this point home he shared a quote with them, “It takes 20 years to become an overnight success.” That is, people only look at the bright parts of a successful person’s life and not their dark ones. After that sir shared his experience being a co-founder of Whitespace Alpha, a hedge Fund that is managing over 1200 crores in assets today and an Investment Banking Vertical that looks into fundraise and acquisitions for startups. He shared his experience being an avid angel investor which gives him a great understanding of how investors look at companies today.

Sir ended the orientation by answering the questions of the students, thus further helping them choose their path.


The final orientation was on HRM, and this day’s anchor was Anantha Keerthy, welcoming not one, but two guest speakers with grace. Both Mr. Emmanuel Gosula and Ms. Shakti Vyas work at EPAM Systems.

Mr. Emmanuel Gosula took to the stage and charmed the students with his lively attitude and relatable humor. He truly encapsulated his field – he used the resources available, such as his excellent skill of communication and the technology at his hands, to command the focus of his audience, the humans, and managed to mold their minds to his way of thinking without being forceful about it. That is the beauty of human resource management; it’s not only about efficiency of the company, but also the growth of the employees at their own pace.

BBA Program profile at SCMS Hyderabad

Next, Ms. Vyas focused on explaining some key aspects of her job so as to demonstrate the scope of HRM in current times. She also kept up the humorous tone set by Mr. Gosula, thus showcasing their efficiency at being a great team. And lastly, the orientation ended with a few questions being answered. All in all, these orientations proved to be a success in being a help to the students. Each and every guest speaker brought something new to the table, and after great consideration, every student has come to a decision.

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