Group 557

SIU Inter-Institute

Basketball Tournament


Event Name: SIU Inter-Institute Basketball Tournament

Objectives :

To participate in the SIU Inter-Institute Basketball Tournament, which gathered talented athletes from various Symbiosis Institutes for a thrilling display of basketball skills on 5th - 11th September. SCMS Hyderabad participated in the event with high spirits and enthusiasm, which was held at Symbiosis International University, Lavale.

Outcome :

The SIU Inter-Institute Basketball Tournament provided significant learning experiences for SCMS Hyderabad's basketball team:

  1. Team Cohesion: The tournament emphasized the importance of teamwork in basketball; Effective communication, coordination, and trust among team members are vital for success.
  2. Resilience: Despite facing early elimination, our team remained resilient and displayed a never-give-up attitude. This tournament taught us the value of perseverance in the face of adversity.
  3. Skill Enhancement: Participating in a competitive tournament allowed our players to assess their skills and identify areas for improvement. This experience will serve as a motivation for further skill development.
  4. Networking: The tournament provided an excellent opportunity for our players to network and build connections with athletes from other Symbiosis Institutes. These connections can be valuable for future collaborations and friendships.
  5. Individual Recognition: The selection of one of our players for SIU tryouts serves as a reminder that hard work and dedication do not go unnoticed. It motivates other team members to strive for excellence.

Brief Report :

The tournament was a celebration of basketball talent, drawing teams from different Symbiosis Institutes. It provided an arena for athletes to showcase their basketball prowess, camaraderie, and sportsmanship.

SCMS Hyderabad entered the tournament with a passionate team, eager to compete and excel. However, despite their determination and effort, the team faced formidable opponents and was regrettably eliminated in the first round. The games were intense and challenging, but our players displayed sportsmanship and gave their best on the court. We had faced one of the SIU Pune home institutes in SIIB, where in a tough fight due to the lack of our depth options we succumbed to a 21-11 loss.

The SIU Inter-Institute Basketball Tournament, despite the early elimination, was a memorable event for SCMS Hyderabad. It allowed our players to demonstrate their talent and glean important lessons in teamwork, resilience, and skill development. The selection of one player for SIU tryouts fills us with pride, and we are committed to supporting them in their future endeavors. We are eager to use this experience as a stepping stone for growth and success in future basketball competition.

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