Group 557

SVL Auction


Event Name: SVL Auction

Objectives :

To conduct an auction to aid Athlos, the Sports Club of SCMS-H, with their Symbiosis Volleyball League (SVL).

Outcome :

Four Volleyball teams were chosen by 4 captains:

  1. Sanket
  2. Swati
  3. Abi
  4. Rohan

Brief Report :

First, Sainath, the head of Prachar, briefed the participants and Captains present about the SVL and the auction process.

Thereafter, every captain was given 12,000 in fake currency as their total budget for drafting the players in their respective teams. The rules were simple: each team has to have a minimum of 3 women players, and the teams should have at least 9 players to qualify as a proper team.

Each captain could bid from a minimum amount of 500; the bid incremented by an amount of 50 until it reached 1000; thereafter it incremented by 100. Example: A bid started at 500, and since captains were constantly trying to outbid each other, it went on to 550, 600, etc. till it reached 1000. Thereafter, the increment was of 100, thus the amount went from 1000 to 1100, 1200, and so on until the highest bid was made.

Thus, the auction was conducted, and the 4 captains bid on their teams with strategic care. The highest bid was made by Rohan Singh Mertia (SCMS) on Rishi Reddy (SLS) at 6,500.

The auction ran smoothly due to the technical personnel, Anantha and Pranesh: Anantha was keeping track of which player was sold to which captain whilst Pranesh kept updating the budget in real time so that it was shown on the presentation.

In conclusion, the PR Club organized an auction for Athlos, with the belief that this would enhance the excitement surrounding the event, and would also contribute to the fairness and equal opportunities for all participants. The activity was well-received and awaited by the players, captains and fans alike.

[The PR club head Sainath briefing everyone about the auction event]

[Sainath moving forward with the auction]

[The Captains gearing up to select the players.]

[Sainath is presenting the budget parameters.]

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