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Caricature Activity


Event Name: Caricature Activity


This activity is conducted to bring out humor through art. This activity is a type of art therapy that aids in stress relief for students.


(The ongoing session addressed by Abhishek Maharaju)


The member of Art Club- Kala conducted 'Caricature' is a fun way to bring out humor through art was for the students of SCMS-H. The head and the co-head of the club introduced the students to the game's rules and methods and divided the students into groups, the audience got ready to give a tough competition to each other as the winner of the game would win an exciting prize. Everyone played their hearts out and had a great time

[Disha and Siri (Head and Co-head respectively) explaining the rules of the game]

Caricature Report 3
Caricature Report 4

[The Team members guessing the famous personality]

After four rounds of fun, competition and thrill, there was the last but not the least, the last round where the player from each team must draw and the members would guess who the famous personality was. Thus, team 2 succeeded awarded final position while getting awarded with a prize and smiles on their faces and team 1 was the runner up for the event.

Caricature Report 3
Caricature Report 4

[ The winners and runners up]

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