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Dhoom Machale


Event Name: Dhoom Machale

Date : 20 September 2023

Location : Auditorium


Introduction :

The "Dhoom Machale!” dance gala was an electrifying and vibrant dance event organized by Club Hunar, the Dance club of SCMS-H. The gala aimed to celebrate the beauty and diversity of dance forms while bringing together dance enthusiasts, performers, and the campus community.

The event began with a Ganesh Vandana performance, a mix of classical, hip-hop and folk-dance styles with twinkling Manjeera sounds to invoke Lord Ganesh, the remover of obstacles for an auspicious beginning and smooth flow of the event by Club Hunar.

The event continued with 32 performances of individual performers from SLS, SIBM and SCMS in formats of solo, duo, trio and group performances. These included, a unique performance with a fantastic mashup of North-Indian and South-Indian hit songs. A thrilling performance depicting a short snippet from the epic “Mahabharat”, left the spectators in awe of the performers’ elegance and grace. A spectacular “Hrithik Roshan “, the fabulous dancer themed performance was like a sweet treat of nostalgia of the celebrity’s most cherished dance performances. A K-pop inspired performer also showcased some incredible moves. The “Strictly Tamil Troupe” got the energy to the next level with a power packed performance on blasting Tamil songs.

The event concluded with a special club group performance by Club Hunar on few favorite filmy tunes and the event concluded with a crowd grooving dance by the club members and the discipline committee members of the event on the stupendous ‘’Malhari” beat.

A total of 34 performances were showcased by over 65 performers.

AT last, valuable words of appreciation were shared by the faculty gracing the occasion and the vote of thanks was delivered the the Club head along with a quick photograph session to cherish the memories of this magnificent event.

Event Highlights :

Gallery :

The performers portraying the omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient nature of ‘Lord Krishna’ in the depiction of ‘Mahabharat’.

The Hrithik Roshan inspired Dance champ ruling the audience’s hearts.


A crisp classical dance performance displaying the significance of meditation and tranquility.

Conclusion :

The "Dhoom Machale” event was a resounding success, fulfilling its mission to celebrate the art of dance and promote cultural exchange. A Headcount of over 500 members in the audience was recorded. It showcased the immense talent present in the dance community in the campus and left the audience with lasting memories. The discipline committee of the event ensured a smooth run of the event effectively and efficiently. We extend our gratitude to all the participants, volunteers, audience as well as the administration for making this event a milestone in the history of Club Hunar. We look forward to bringing up more exciting dance experiences in the future.

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