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Empower Life: Promoting HEALTH, Inspiring ORGAN DONATION


Event Name: Empower Life: Promoting HEALTH, Inspiring ORGAN DONATION


The primary objective of the I Gift Life Service-Learning Module Session was to educate and raise awareness among participants about the importance of organ donation.


The I Gift Life Session on organ donation, held on February 21, 2024, successfully educated participants on the process and importance of organ donation. The event dispelled myths, highlighted family involvement, and created an emotional connection through a heartfelt video, fostering awareness, empathy, and a sense of responsibility.


The I Gift Life Service-Learning Module Session, conducted on 21 February 2024, stands out as an exemplary initiative aimed at fostering awareness and understanding about organ donation. The session, commenced by Dhruv Rohra, featured speakers, Sumedha Mallepaddi, and Anjali Bhatia, who played pivotal roles in delivering a comprehensive and impactful program.

(Dhruv Rohra commencing the session by introducing the speakers)

Sumedha's introductory remarks set the stage for an enlightening discourse, providing participants with an insightful overview of the session's purpose. She delved into the significance of organ donation, sharing compelling facts that underscored the critical need for public engagement in this life-saving endeavour.

(Sumedha Mallepaddi sharing compelling facts about organ donation

A noteworthy component of the session was the incorporation of thought-provoking videos. These multimedia resources were strategically chosen to clarify the complexities of organ donation, ranging from the procedural aspects to the profound impact it can have on both donors and recipients. The videos served as an effective tool, enhancing participant understanding and engagement.

Anjali's contribution to the session was invaluable, as she dedicated her segment to myth-busting surrounding organ donation. Through a meticulous presentation, Anjali addressed common misconceptions, replacing them with accurate information to cultivate a more informed and positive perspective among the audience.

(Anjali Bhatia busting myths on perceptions based on Organ Donation)

The emphasis on the role of families in the organ donation decision-making process added a layer of depth to the session. The speakers underscored the importance of open communication within families, fostering a collective understanding of the profound significance of organ donation.

The session concluded on a emotional note, featuring a compelling video that provided insight into the experiences and perspective of an organ recipient. This deeply touching conclusion provided an instinctive glimpse into the transformative impact that organ donation can have on the lives of individuals, underscoring its profound humanitarian aspects.

Furthermore, the report shed light on I Gift Life as an NGO committed to advancing organ donation awareness. The organization's dedication to busting myths and promoting informed decision-making reflects a commendable effort in steering societal attitudes towards a more compassionate and responsible stance on organ donation.

In conclusion, the I Gift Life Service-Learning Module Session emerged as an enriching experience, seamlessly blending informative content, myth-busting, and emotional storytelling. The session not only contributed to the enhancement of knowledge but also inspired a heightened sense of responsibility within the community towards organ donation. I Gift Life's impactful efforts are evidently pivotal in fostering a culture of informed and compassionate decision-making in this critical aspect of healthcare.

(IGiftLife Student volunteers with the faculty and Faculty Coordinator of SLM – Dr. Ishaq Ahmad Dar)

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