Group 557



Event Name: Firande performance


    The objectives of the Activity are

  1. To help the members of the club to get in touch with their music again and understand each other's strong suit.
  2. To have new experience as it will be the First ever competition the team has ever entered.


  1. It gave the members to let loose and have fun with each other and helps building the team spirit.
  2. It gave us a chance to understand where we stand in a competition giving us a scope to improve ourselves and get better.


The event kicked off at approximately 7:30 pm, featuring numerous teams showcasing their remarkable skills. When it was our turn, we took the stage with a medley that resonated with e veryone present. The performance concluded with a resounding applause from the audience, accompanied by compliments from attendees. Notably, it marked the first-ever competition our club participated in, adding a special touch to the experience. Beyond the exhilarating performance, the event provided a platform for us to connect with music clubs from other institutions, offering insights into their talents and helping us gauge our own standing. Overall, it was a memorable occasion, and our debut competition performance was met with both personal and collective success, fostering connections and showcasing our musical prowess.

(Team Nirvana participating in Crescendo)

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