Group 557



Event Name: Frame Fusion




The event began on January 10, 2024, and ran until January 15, 2024. All students received a google doc, in which they were required to register in order to participate in the competition. The students passionately presented their talents and unique perspectives on campus life at SCMS-HYD, memories they have created, and the SIBM's FIRANDE-FEST through these reels.

(Advika's reel)

The students had sent stunning reels that illustrated their viewpoint and were created entirely by them. Nonetheless, three reels that were exquisitely presented and distinctively different from one another were selected. These reels were created, respectively, by Snehlata and Anantha from BBA second year and Advika from BBA honors first year. Snehlata's reel received more likes from the members through the PR club vote, and she was awarded a Rs 1000 coupon.

Report 12

(Anantha's reel)

Report 15

(Snehlata's reel)

In conclusion, students found the event to be successful, and we were able to witness several fresh talents in producing the reels that were distinct from each other yet in some way shared some similarities about campus life.

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