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Event Name: Information Booth Spreading Awarness


Our goal for the Organ Awareness Info Desk event,led by I Gift Life volunteers,is to help people understand and appreciate organ donation. We want to share information, clear up any misunderstandings, and show how the I Gift Life app works. Specifically focusing on students and the community, our aim is to create a positive environment where everyone feels informed and supportive of organ donation. Through interactive activities and friendly discussions, we hope to encourage people to become organ donors and contribute to our bigger mission of building a community that actively supports and promotes organ donation.


The Organ Awareness Info Desk was a successful event. Many people learned about organ donation and how it can save lives. People got to see how the I Gift Life app works, and we cleared up some common misconceptions. Students and others who visited now understand more about organ donation. We gave out badges, and everyone seemed happy and interested. The event created a friendly atmosphere, and we hope it inspired more people to support organ donation. Overall, it made our community more aware and positive about this important cause.


The Organ Awareness Info Desk event, organized by service-learning volunteers in collaboration with the non-governmental organization I Gift Life, served as a pivotal platform for promoting awareness about organ donation. Held on 29 February 2024 and 1 March 2024, the event aimed to engage and educate the community, with a particular focus on students.

The information booth was strategically designed to attract attention, adorned with visually appealing displays and promotional materials from I Gift Life. The enthusiastic volunteers played a crucial role in creating an interactive and welcoming environment, drawing in visitors to learn more about the significance of organ donation.

The volunteers initiated the event by providing a comprehensive introduction to I Gift Life. They outlined the organization's mission and vision, emphasizing its positive impact on the community through organ donation awareness. This laid the foundation for the subsequent activities designed to educate and engage attendees.

(Student Volunteers interacting with visitors at the Information Booth on Day 1)

A highlight of the event was the demonstration of the I Gift Life app. Volunteers showcased the app's functionalities, illustrating how it enables individuals to educate themselves about organ donation. This hands-on approach allowed participants to grasp the practical aspects of contributing to the cause.

To address misconceptions surrounding organ donation,volunteers conducted a myth-busting session. Through clear and concise information they successfully busted common misunderstandings,contributing to a more informed and accurate understanding of the organ donation process.

(Student Volunteers interacting with visitors at the Information Booth on Day 2)

The interactive element continued with a dedicated question-and-answer session,where volunteers actively engaged with students, providing personalized information, and addressing queries. This direct interaction not only enhanced the learning experience but also fostered a sense of community engagement.

As a token of appreciation for attendees, volunteers distributed I Gift Life badges, creating a lasting reminder of the event. Additionally, volunteers captured memorable moments by taking pictures with visitors, adding a personal touch to the experience.

(Student Volunteers of iGiftLife with the Faculty Coordinator of SLM – Dr. Ishaq Ahmad Dar on Day 1 of the Information Booth)

(Student Volunteers of iGiftLife with the Faculty Coordinator of SLM – Dr. Ishaq Ahmad Dar on Day 2 of the Information Booth)

In conclusion, the Organ Awareness Info Desk event achieved its objectives by combining informative sessions, interactive demonstrations, and personalized engagement. The dedication of the service learning volunteers and the collaborative efforts with I Gift Life underscored the commitment to raising awareness about organ donation and fostering a positive community around this vital cause. The event not only educated participants but also contributed to building a supportive network for organ donation advocacy. Special thanks were extended to the volunteers for their significant contributions to the success of the event.

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