Group 557

Introductory Reel


Event Name: Introductory Reel


To film an introductory reel for Sahitya's Instagram page, as the title suggests, introducing the members of the club in a video format.


The members exercised their creativity and videography skills, lending to the creation of the reel. The activity also pushed the members to learn about working together in a team.


Once the required materials were sourced and schedules matched, the members of the club met in one of the classrooms to shoot the reel. The 12 members had been told to "pair up," and consequently think of an "entry," they could do together. This resulted in various hilarious and well-thought-out combinations, ranging from Almas' humorous SEND HELP (the 'reluctant' Co-Head) to friends doing handshakes, or acting as frenemies for the sake of the camera.

Co-Head Almas

On the day of the shoot, on 22 nd December 2023, everyone met up in the classroom at 5pm. Rehearsals were done, modifications and criticisms were voiced out, and ultimately, by 7pm in the evening the reel was shot in fragments of precise acting, interspersed with bouts of laughter. The reel needs to be edited as of now, and we plan to put it up on our page by the 2 nd week of January, 2024.

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