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International Women’s Day



Event Name: International Women’s Day Celebrations


Outcome: Through various games all the female housekeeping staff thoroughly enjoyed the process of participating in Rangoli making competition and Musical chair.

Brief Report

As a part of International Women’s day, celebrations began from 4 th March by introducing women staff regarding the government schemes. On 7 th of March, Ikshana, the ISR club of SCMS- H in collaboration with Shakti, The Women Development cell & Social Responsibility cell of SIBM-H organised several activities for female housekeeping staff of the university.

International Womens day celebrations

(Dr. Disha Pathak & Dr. Ridhi Rani with the participants of the rangoli making competition)

The Rangoli-making competition, the first event, commenced celebrating women’s day on a very enthusiastic and creative note. This rangoli-making competition was held to bring out the creative artists that are latent within every single woman.

There was active participation and enthusiasm among the participants of 11 teams. Every team was given around twenty minutes to give their best shot at creating a rangoli with the colors provided to them. Working in teams of three, everyone was engrossed for those twenty minutes coming up with artistic, colourful, and vibrant Rangolis. The team with the best Rangoli was rewarded with a gift hamper at the end of the event.

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(Participants working on the Rangoli)

BBA Program profile at SCMS Hyderabad

(Participants playing Musical Chair)

All the participants were then moved to the mess to engage in an even more interesting activity, Musical Chairs. The game was played in two phases after the housekeeping staffs were all gathered inside the mess. To play the game effectively, the entire staff was divided into two groups and in this game the music was being played in the background while the housekeeping staffs were walking around the chairs and each round happened to an elimination round. After a vigorous battle, Ms. Revati and Ms. Sumalata were the winners of the competition.

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(Cake Cutting)

Both the activities were then followed by a prize distribution round. Dr. Ridhi Rani and Dr. Disha Pathak distributed prizes. Following the awarding of prizes, cake cutting took place. All the participants were given goodies, and cake.

BBA Program profile at SCMS Hyderabad

(Team Shakti & Team Ikshana with the winners of the event)

BBA Program profile at SCMS Hyderabad

(Group photo)

These activities were refreshing for all the housekeeping staff as well as for the members of Ikshana. Under the guidance of Dr. Disha Pathak the members of team Ikshana, this activity was a huge success, and the staff and the students thoroughly enjoyed it together and the creativity displayed and interactions that took place in the event were very endearing and wholesome.

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