Group 557

Loosely Scripted


Event Name: Loosely Scripted

Objective: To break the cycle of a monotonous routine and bring in creativity, quick-thinking, and emotional intelligence as a host of skills whilst also developing budding friendships and planting seeds of new ones.

Outcome: Communication skills increased, as did the enjoyment of the students. All of them voluntarily agreed to step out of their comfort zones, thus showing initiative and commitment to taking part in new experiences.

Brief Report

As planned, we had teams of two be called onto the proverbial stage via chits, and then we gave them settings to act upon – but with a twist. The only emotion they could portray was the one that would be shown on the emotion cards, and the cards drawn were completely random. This resulted in unprecedented pairings and both hilarious and awkward scenes, wherein each team had to continue their act with new emotions, which were changed whenever the audience yelled “change”.

To dissuade the awkwardness and to keep the event fresh, we played the “Whisper Challenge.” This is a popular game, where one participant puts on a headphone which has songs playing at full volume, and the other participant tries to mouth words to them. Deciphering what those words is a challenge, however the students did so with gusto!

All in all, this event garnered an amazing response from our batchmates and we look forward to doing more events in the coming future.

BBA Program profile at SCMS Hyderabad
BBA Program profile at SCMS Hyderabad

(The event being carried on by the organizers and the participants)

BBA Program profile at SCMS Hyderabad

(Playing Whisper Challenge)

BBA Program profile at SCMS Hyderabad

(The audience, enjoying the event & cheering it on)

BBA Program profile at SCMS Hyderabad

(The Organizers, aka the members of the Sahitya Club)

The assigned roles were done to perfection. Ruchirekha and Apeksha were phenomenal anchors. Shreya and Nida handled the demonstration and the crowd well; Shailja proved to be a wonderful “girl in the chair,” and synced the PPTs with the speeches. Dhruv handled the emotion cards.

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