Group 557

Mental Health – A Universal

Human Right


Event Name: Mental Health – A Universal Human Right

Objectives :

To raise awareness and promote a better understanding of mental health as a universal human right on the occasion of ‘World Mental Health Day.’

Outcome :

The guest session on the topic – ‘Mental Health – A Universal Human Right’ organized by the Institutional Responsibility Club of SCMS-H – Ikshana created a light environment where the students felt safe discussing their mental health. The students got an opportunity to open up about their inner thoughts that helped desensitize the taboo around mental health.

Brief Report :

“Mental health is not a destination, but a process. It’s about how you drive, not where you’re going.”

On the occasion of ‘World Mental Health Day,’ Ikshana organised a guest session on mental health, in collaboration with Symbiosis Centre for Emotional Wellbeing (SCEW), for the students of SCMS-H, SLS-H and SIBM-H. The event took place in the convention hall of our campus on 11th October, 2023 from 11 A.M onwards. The event witnessed active participation from the students present.

We were honoured to have our esteemed guests from the Sweekar Academy, each of them having specializations and expertise in areas such as adolescents and young adults, disability and special care, neuro-cognitive psychology, forensic psychology and many more.

(The esteemed guests from Sweekar Academy)

The session began with lighting the lamp, followed by felicitating the guests by our faculty.

(Lighting of the lamp)

The guests ensured that the session is as interactive and easy-going as possible. The speakers then called upon the students to suggest songs that they could add to the ‘Symbiosis Feel Good’ Spotify playlist. This was done to create an ever-lasting memory for the students as they can tune in with the playlist when they feel low.

The first activity introduced by the guests helped the students analyse themselves. The second activity provided insights to help the students understand their personality types by giving a real-life situation and their capabilities to respond to the situation presented.

(Group activity organized by the guests)

The event witnessed active participation from the club members, attendees and the faculty, showcasing a strong sense of unity and commitment to create a positive and inclusive environment around the campus. The attendees even had the opportunity to ask questions, seeking further clarification and guidance from the experts.

(Active participation shown by the students)

The guest session was successful in providing insights into the critical importance of addressing mental health issues within our campus. The coordination showed by the club members served as a backbone for the successful completion of the event.

(The guests, students and the faculty)

(The club members of Ikshana with the esteemed guests)

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