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Photography Contest- Nature Theme


Event Name: Photography Contest- Nature Theme

Objective: To appreciate and recognize the beauty of nature through photography.

Outcome: Participants learnt the importance of viewing nature through various perspectives.

BBA Program profile at SCMS Hyderabad

Brief Report

The Capture - Photography Club of SCMS Hyderabad conducted an exciting Photography Contest- Nature theme from the 8th to the 9th of February, 2023, in celebration of Nature Photography Day. All SCMS Hyderabad students were eligible to participate in the competition, which required one to submit their entry via email at The theme was related to Nature, and only camera and mobile photography with basic cropping and color correction that enhances nature’s beauty were allowed.

We received 28 stunning entries. To ensure fairness, judges were asked to evaluate the pictures out of 10.

The winners of the nature-themed photography contest are:

  1. Sri Ruthvik Bikkina, BBA, sem-2
  2. Snehlata Kumari, BBA, sem-2

The announcement of the results took place in classroom 106 on February 13, 2023. They were awarded two gift vouchers of rupees 500/- each for the yummy’s bakery and the general store.

BBA Program profile at SCMS Hyderabad

(By Sri Ruthvik Bikkina, 1st prize winner)

BBA Program profile at SCMS Hyderabad

(By Snehlata Kumari, 2nd prize winner)

All in all, the Nature Photography Contest was a great success and the Capture Photography Club looks forward to hosting more such contests in the future!

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