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Plantation Drive


Event Name: Plantation Drive




The event took place on the 12th of February at around 4 pm near the main gate of Symbiosis International Deemed University, Hyderabad Campus. A banner displaying information about the Plantation Drive event was set up at the venue to inform the audience. The proceedings kicked off with a welcoming speech from Snehlata Kumari, a member of the NGO team, who warmly greeted the attendees, including the deputy director, faculty and students. She gave a brief introduction about the Service-Learning Module and the NGO Exploreit.

Following that,Colonel T. Venugopal Sir, the campus administrator, shared a brief and insightful speech. Jigyasa Srivastava, the student coordinator of the team, then expressed gratitude by vote of thanks. The event continued with the campus administrator planting the first sapling, followed by faculty members from Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies, Hyderabad (SIBM-H) and Symbiosis Centre or Management Studies, Hyderabad (SCMS-H). Students from both batches of SCMS Hyderabad actively participated in the planting activity. The initial phase of the activity took place near the main gate, with a good number of saplings planted, and later moved towards Boys Hostel–2. As a token of appreciation, participants received personalized gifts illustrating the connection between their birth month and nature through animals, colours, and gemstones.

(Snehlata Kumari giving welcome speech)

{Colonel T. Venugopal Sir (Campus Administrator) planting the first sapling}

In conclusion, the Plantation Drive event, was a collaborative and engaging initiative. The active participation of students, faculty, staffs and the NGO team created a sense of community and environmental awareness. Overall, the event successfully promoted environmental consciousness and community involvement.

(Group photo including Deputy Director SIBM-H, SCMS-H & SIBM-H Faculties and SCMS-H students)

(Group photo including Faculty Ngo In-charge, Ishaq Ahmad Dar and Ngo student members)

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