Group 557



Event Name: Spooky-Go-Round!

Objectives :

  1. To hoist the spirit of Halloween.
  2. To elevate our imagination skills and develop a bond of friendship through the medium of being scared and creative narrations.

Outcome :

Oration skills increased, as did the courage of the students. All of them voluntarily agreed to step out of their comfort zones, thus showing initiative and commitment to taking part in new experiences even if it is very scary take part in.

Brief Report :

As had been planned, around 7:30 in the evening we arranged a few chairs in a circular manner in the front of the class 105, and turned all the lights off to create a scary and dark atmosphere, similar to the way it feels to camp in a forest under the twinkling stars. Then, everyone trickled into the room and took a seat. Arsheen was made the judge as a treat for 13th October being her birthday.

And thus, the fun began. One by one, everyone told a scary story, filled with dramatic pauses, voice modulations, sound effects and creepy endings. These stories were either their own experiences or their loved one’s experiences, or they were stories found on the internet and tweaked a little bit to add their own spice to the story. Or, they were stories written by themselves.

Many of our members were petrified with the stories, however they very courageously endured it all; more than once, all of us were holding hands to grip ourselves to reality. Overall, everyone enjoyed the activity and while some made memories of how they acted in their fear, some noticed how quick of a thinker their friends are. Some even tried to move the chairs, scaring their friends by saying boo. And three people had went the extra mile: they planned to prank the entire room, and they executed it to perfection. Ruchirekha, Shailja and Shreya were all in on a plan to not let anyone know that Ruchi was in the room with them until the moment she materialized from the far corner of the room during Shreya’s story.

The screams of the members were the high-pitched trophies for the three of them. And according to the judge, Arsheen, Dhruv was the victor of this Spooky-Go-Round “best horror story” contest, and Joona was the runner-up.

All in all, this activity blossomed the bond of friendship among us all, and we look forward to doing more such activities and events in the coming future.

The Club Members: (from left to right) Arsheen, Shailja, Almas, Dhruv, Ruchi, Joona, Shreya, Nida and Apeksha.

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