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Treasure Hunt


Event Name: Treasure Hunt


The primary objective of the treasure hunt through photography is to foster teamwork, creativity, and quick problem-solving skills among participants. By dividing them into groups and presenting nine challenging riddles, the activity aims to engage participants in a dynamic quest where they must decode clues and capture the answers through photos within a limited 30-minute timeframe. The added incentive of a cashback reward of rupees 300 further heightens the competitive and rewarding aspects of the activity.


This activity successfully achieved its goal by promoting collaboration, encouraging participants to think on their feet, and providing a creative outlet through photography. The teams showcased effective communication and problem-solving skills as they raced against the clock to capture the photographic answers. The cashback prize added an extra layer of motivation, making the entire experience both enjoyable and rewarding for all participants.


The treasure hunt through photography proved to be an exhilarating and engaging event, designed to blend the thrill of a traditional treasure hunt with the artistry of photography. Participants were divided into groups and presented with nine thought-provoking riddles, each leading to a unique location or object. The challenge was to set teams that had a mere 30 minutes to decode the riddles, race to the specified locations, and capture the answers creatively through the lens of their cameras.

As the countdown began, the atmosphere buzzed with excitement and camaraderie. Teams were seen strategizing, decoding clues, and dashing to various corners in pursuit of the perfect photographic answers. The time constraint heightened the intensity, prompting participants to think on their feet and work seamlessly as a team. The outcome was a dynamic display of creativity and problem-solving skills, as each team submitted a collection of captivating photos within the given timeframe.

The event's culmination brought forth anticipation as the judging panel reviewed the submissions. The winning team, having demonstrated a perfect blend of creativity, accuracy, and efficient time management, was rewarded with a cashback prize of Rs 300. The incentive not only added a competitive edge to the activity but also underscored the value of teamwork and quick thinking. Overall, the treasure hunt through photography was a resounding success, leaving participants with lasting memories and a sense of accomplishment.

(Image answers bring a visual twist transforming the treasure hunt into a fun activity.)

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